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Up Close To Her crack

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phrasal verb

(of a person’s face) become blank and emotionless or hostile.

  • ‘His face closed up and he looked away from her, towards the forest.’
  • ‘She breaks off, her face closing up, her eyes darting away.’
  • ‘Peter turned away from him, his expression closing up.’

Main definitions of close up in English

  • ‘A Japanese tourist is photographing it enthusiastically, first from close up then at a distance.’
  • ‘On the web site the hotel looks elegant, and close up it matches that impression very nicely.’
  • ‘Flowers are colorful and can make beautiful subjects when you’re close up and they fill the frame.’
  • ‘Parties of sightseers would be ferried out to sail round the hulks and see the prisons close up.’
  • ‘Close up he was overpoweringly handsome, with hazel to brown eyes and tousled sand coloured hair slightly wet from a shower.’
  • ‘One stone, viewed close up, looks like a skull, while another opens into a deep fossil-lined cavern.’
  • ‘Close up, he could see her face clearly.’

phrasal verb

1 also close something up Stop using or operating a business or building.

  • ‘The management company came by and ‘closed them up.’’
  • ‘Like I said, I’m this close to closing this business up.’
  • ‘Sometime in the middle of last year, the business pulled the plug — literally — and closed up shop.’
  • ‘Two houses have been closed up for the winter already.’
  • ‘A newly paved road, financed by remittances, leads to a virtual ghost town where more than half the homes are closed up.’
  • ‘‘He stopped betting as the bookies closed up shop after the police decided to crack down on gambling,’ she explained.’
  • ‘Heritage listing, however, does not imply that a place would be closed up and treated as a museum piece.’

2 close up (of an opening) grow smaller or become blocked by something.

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