Password crack For RAR Files

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Password crack For RAR Files

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rar file password cracker, or winrar password cracker, or winrar password hacker, whatever you want to call it. Will help you remove the winrar password, so you can access the files inside! winrar password remover crack has a very high success rate and works very fast!

How to open a RAR/WinRAR file which was protected with a unknown password? This article descrides how to crack RAR file password via powerful attack method.

For RAR has a strong password protection mechanism including AES encryption technology that common method cannot cack the password. If you set a password to protect your rar archives, it cannot be removed even you know the password. What we can do is to extract all files in it and then repack them in a new rar file with no password. But, a problem appears: What can we do when forgot rar file password? I cannot repack it because I lost the password. Many people worked hard on finding a Winrar Password Remover but failed. In fact, currently there is no WinRAR Password Remover was developed by any people.

However, we can use Daossoft RAR Password Recovery to quickly crack RAR/WinRAR password. This is a powerful password recovery tool proved available and fast to recover RAR/WinRAR archives password. It can recover any complex password in an acceptable time. Supports cracking the latest RAR encryption technologies.

Step1. Purchase RAR Password Recovery full version and install it on your computer.

Free trial version can be download from our website. It can crack any password which was made up with less than three symbols and help users to check out all the features of RAR Password Recovery.

Step 2. Run the software and click Open button add a RAR file which you want to crack its password.

Open File Dialog appears, choose your target RAR file and click «Open».

Step2. Choose an attack solution for cracking RAR password.

There are four useful attack solutions in our program: Brute-force Attack, Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack and Smart Attack. You can choose one for your cracking. Note that the current version cannot run two or above solutions at the same time.

Step 3. Select appropriate attack settings and click Start button to begin cracking password.

Solution 1: If you choose Brute-force Attack, the program will try all possible combinations in the specified Range which you can select by yourself. Available options under Brute-force mode: caps latin, small latin, digits, special symbol, space, all printable and password lenth. For example, if you still remember that your password was made up with 6 characters and for digits only, you can select digits for the range and set lenth range in Lenth Option. These options can greatly reduce the cracking time.

You can change the password length on «Length» option. Tpye in two number to define the lenth range.

Minimal password length: Set the minimum length of password to search.

Maximal password length: Set the maximum length of password to search

When you complete all settings, click Start button on menubar to start cracking RAR fle password and the program will find out the original password for you automatically!

Soluton 2: If you choose Mask Attack, you have to give the symbols you remembered, replace the unkown symbols with «?«. Such as ac. ab. Caps latin, small latin, digits, special symbol, space, all printable and password lenth options are also available under Mask Attack mode.

When finish setting, click Start button and the program will search three characters combinations instead of seven and recover your password more faster.

Option 3: Dictionary Attack: Because a name or word was usually used as a password. This Attack verifies the frequently-used words stored in the specified Dictionary File. We has supplied a small Dictionary File containing common English words. You also can create one yourself.

«Dictionary» Settings:

Select your desired dictionary file. In addition, you can select an option «Smart mutations» or «Try all possible upper/lower case combinations«. Then click Start button to start searching. If one of those Words matches your password, the program will display it for you and you can use it to open your RAR file.

Solution 4: Smart Attack: Under Smart Attack mode, all range and lenth options are set by default. RAR Password Recovery will try all possible character combinations untill find the original password.

Simply choose Smart Attack from pull-down list and click “Start” button to start cracking rar password.

Step 5. For a moment, the original password will be successfully recovered, and displayed in the dialog box. Copy it and use it to open the protected rar file.

In Addition: How to Register RAR Password Recovery?

Click buy now button on our website and complete the payment. You will recieve an email with registration code and retail version in it. Install the retail version and run it, click Help | Register, type in your registration code and click Register.

«Today I downloaded a cabinet file whose format is RAR from the web. Just as I was trying to extract the RAR file, it asked for password. I looked for the extracting password from the website where I downloaded the RAR file, but didn’t find it. Now who can tell me one way to unlock encrypted RAR file without password? Any RAR file password cracking software or tool is OK. But make sure it has no virus. Thanks in advance.«

In this case, firstly try to unlock the encrypted RAR file by the following 2 means.

1. Double click your password encrypted RAR file. Then double click to expand the folders saved in it. Maybe you can find the password there.

2. Try to use the website where you downloaded the encrypted RAR file as the extracting password.

If failed to unlock the encrypted RAR file with the above means, now provided you the powerful and certainly effective software called iSumsoft RAR Password Refixer. Use this program to crack rar file password fast. Now, let’s begin.

Unlock encrypted RAR files with RAR Password Refixer

Step 1: Get RAR Password Refixer.

Download RAR Password Refixer from iSumsoft Official site and install it on your Windows PC.

When installation is finished, launch RAR Password Refixer program.

Step 2: Import the encrypted RAR file.

1. Click Open button to select your password encrypted RAR file. Then, click Open button to add it into the program.

Step 3: Select one password attack type.

An appropriate attack type will make this program crack RAR file password more effectively. It’s recommended to try theВ Dictionary attack method before proceeding to theВ Brute-force attackВ method. To speed up the password recovery process, see: How to set different kinds of parameters for password recovery attack type.

Step 4: Start to recover RAR file password.

After selecting attack type, click Start button to start decrypting RAR file password.

Once your password has been recovered, the program clearly notifies you of the results. Just need to click Copy button and then paste the password to unlock your encrypted RAR file and then extract the files in it.

Step 5: Unlock encrypted RAR file.

Now you are able to open the password-protected RAR file with the recovered password.


RAR Password Refixer is specialized RAR password recovery software, which can help crack the RAR file’s unknown password, or recover RAR file password when you forgot or lost it. It is such a program that makes it possible and easy to unlock encrypted RAR files without password. Most important are no virus and no data will be lost while cracking or recovering password for encrypted RAR files.

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