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Keygen System Protector

Совместимость с антивирусами.

Быстрая проверка важных файлов системы.

Простая установка и настройка.

Автоматическое сканирование в указанное время или промежуток времени.

Mahnoor Ali 06/06/2015 32 Views

Advanced System Protector 2.1.1

Advanced System Protector Key is the special tool recognized by the Microsoft for the detection of malwares. It detects and removes malware at single click. It diagnoses the PC for the threats of the malwares. Advanced System Protector Key and serial key is the Microsoft partner. It is also rated as excellent tool for the malware removal by many critics websites like Cnet. It is rated as the number spyware and malware cleaning and detecting tool. The standard of quality can be seen by its millions of users and their trust on it.

Advanced System Protector Key 2.1.1 is very and light for use. It does not slows up the PC while scanning. It also does not use high PC resources to make it run fast. The update of Advanced System Protector Key and Serial are on regular bases. it update its virus definitions on daily bases. It protects the computer from email scams, online hacking, phishing attempts and system hijacks.

Advanced System Protector Key 2015 has included different scan modes. It has normal, deep and customs scans. It depends upon the need of the user and threats. Schedule scans is also added to the Advanced System Protector Key Free Download to automatically operating of the scan on decided time. It is overall a very good tool for the detection and removal of different malwares.


  • Easy and fast detection and removal of malwares fro the maximum protection.
  • Virus database and definitions are updated on daily baes to provide maximum protection.
  • Schedule scans on the pre-decided time so that it automatically scans the files and directory at the decided time.
  • Different modes of scans including fast, deep and customs scans. Depending upon the requirement of user and types of threat.
  • Proud partner of Microsoft which give it further authenticity.
  • Extremely light and fast and do not use very much system resources.
  • Quality is proven by the trust of millions of users and their number increasing day by day.


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  • Механизм №1 для поиска и удаления программ-шпионов

  • Качество подтверждено миллионами пользователей

  • Потребляет крайне мало системных ресурсов

  • Простота загрузки и установки

  • Бесплатные регулярные обновления

    Поддерживаемые ОС: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

    Скачать бесплатно Advanced System Protector 2.1.1000.9885 + ключ (Русская версия) — [5.03 Mb]

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