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Keygen Slideshow Maker

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Photo Slideshow Creator 4.31 Full Keygen

Photo Slideshow Creator 4.31 Full Keygen adalah software yang dapat anda gunakan untuk membuat slideshow dari foto berkualitas tinggi yang dapat anda simpan dalam file exe. File Exe sendiri merupakan sebuah file yang dapat berjalan sendiri tanpa bantuan program lainnya. Jadi dengan kata lain slideshow yang anda buat menggunakan software Photo Slideshow Creator Full ini dapat dimainkan di manapun tanpa bantuan media player. Wow sungguh software yang sangat keren bukan?

Photo Slideshow Creator Full ini juga memiliki berbagai fitur menarik lainnya seperti ratusan efek transisi yang dapat anda pilih untuk menambah cantik slideshow yang anda buat, kemudian juga kemampuan menambahkan keterangan dengan berbagai bentuk di setiap foto yang anda masukkan untuk dibuat slideshow. Selain kedua fitur di atas, anda juga dapat membuat sebuah video slideshow berkualitas tinggi atau Video HD. Hal ini membuat slideshow yang dibuat menggunakan Photo Slideshow Creator Full ini benar-benar menghasilkan sebuah video berkualitas untuk berbagai keperluan.

Dozens of classic and modern transition effects will make your slideshow especially expressive. You can use classic transitions such as dissolution and modern ones that include leafing, curling and stars.

Slideshow With Music!

Create impressive music slideshows – dynamic or romantic! The program allows you to add unlimited number of music files such as MP3, WAV, WMA. Background music will create a special atmosphere for your slideshow….​

Convert your slideshow to video! Photo slideshow software supports all popular codecs, including DivX, MPEG4, H.264, 3GP. It includes predefined settings for various outputs – from a simple video for a phone to brilliant full HD video……​

Mobile Photo Slideshow

Create impressive slideshows for mobile devices such as smart phones, communicators, iPhone, iPod, Sony PSP and players. Music slideshows on the mobile are a great way to show photos. Most modern phones are supported!​

Unique to Photo Slideshow Creator is the Virtual Screen feature. Show your slideshow on the screen of the virtual TV set or computer monitor, on the paper page, banner board, or even in the movie theater. There has never been anything like this before!​

Share With Friends

Photo Slideshow Creator converts a slideshow to video formats which are optimal for uploading to video hosting and social sites. Now you can easily put your slideshow to YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and many other popular sites. Surprise your friends with an original slideshow! ​

New in version 4.31

New version of photo slideshow software includes zoom, crop, fade, panning, zooming and more to bring your photos to life. Output to FLV-format for embedding video slideshows in websites. Ready-made themed slideshow templates: wedding, vintage, classical, etc.​

Icecream Slideshow Maker 1.22 size 38.69 Mb is a software used to create a video slideshow at the bottom of your favorite photos, turn your photos with the help of a large number of effects and music added. This program does not require any special skills and allows you to create slideshows in just a few minutes: add photo, set the desired settings for each frame, check the preview and then click “Start”!

  • Control playback time and transition effects for each photo in your video.
  • Comfortable preview will get high quality results of your creativity.
  • You will not lose your job and the results will be able to edit where completed.
  • Add files mp3 background slide show of your video, set the start time of the track and fading.
  • A large number of video effects, transitions: pixelate, mosaic, zoom, etc.
  • Support for creating slideshow 1920×1080 resolution.
  • Take the slideshow to YouTube and share the results with friends.
  • Create beautiful slide show with music, using personal photos.

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