I Have A crack In My Foundation

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I Have A crack In My Foundation

crack in my foundation

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crack in my foundation. “People call panicked because they ve got gaping cracks in their walls, tile breaking, grout “I could stick my finger through it,” she said. When I was faced with a crack in my foundation, my first thought was, “Do I really have to dig up my entire backyard to fix this ” I really didn t Foundation cracks fixed by local Foundation Supportworks dealerships. We repair cracks in Home� Why Fix My Foundation� Foundation Cracks Causes Not sure what that crack in your home s foundation means Can you fix it alone or doe you need professional help Hello all, Unfortunately, I have recently found a crack on the foundation of my townhouse and this kind of scares me. I have recently bought this. I just ripped out the carpet to install laminate wood floor. Lo and behold, I spot some cracks underneath. Am I able to fix these cracks myself Our DIY and contractor size kits fix leaking concrete basement cracks with expanding polyurethane foam These kits will fill from one to ten cracks in a foundation. I recently had a company pier my foundation. The company I did not go with offered to epoxy a crack for 700.00. The company I chose to lift D-I-Y Crack injection Kits make foundation crack repair easy and permanent. Last year I injected several cracks in my foundation, as well as a leaking pipe

I recently discovered a large crack in the foundation of our rental home. My question considering we only planned to live here for another two

I have a small crack in my foundation that started seeping water when there was ice on the ground. The water is flowing along the foundation under my fireplace bump out. The cause of the problem will be fixed in the spring when I put in a new concrete patio, but I want to seal the crack in the basement wall to prevent future seeping. Would a product like this be appropriate? Is there a better recommendation? The crack is fairly small less than 1/8″ in width.

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An 1/8 inch crack that is weeping water is a fairly serious fault. Wondering, is the crack displaced or flat? Regardless, any crack that allows water to seep through means the crack if through the entire wall. Normally I would recommend chiseling a «key» or an inverted «V» into the concrete and patching it with expanding hydrolic cement and coating the crack with a waterproofing rated for up to 4 PSI. I personally have never used the product you linked to. What is important is that bonds soundly. I would think it might be worth a try since you intend to do a better fix from the exterior in the spring. Remember, a simple concrete pad ove the area will not fix your problem, the leak is ground water, not a little ice melting on the top of the ground.

Do you have cracks in your foundation floor?

Cracks are a common feature in most homes. There are many things that can cause cracks to appear, from poor initial workmanship, to a shifting of the foundation itself. Cracks can be harmless or can mean serious trouble, what you need to find out is what’s causing the cracks in the first place.

The good news is that foundation floors are seldom structural. That’s because they are concrete poured in between foundation work. There are two reasons why cracks may develop in this. These are:

  • The earth beneath them was inadequately compacted before the concrete pour, and gave a little under the extra weight.
  • The concrete cracked because that is what large concrete areas generally do as they dry out. Some builders keep concrete flooring moist for longer periods of time to avoid this.

Hence your cracked concrete basement floor is not something you need to fret about for safety’s sake. Or is it perhaps? Read on and discover things you may not know.

Gas Intrusion

Undetectable methane and radon gas accumulates in pockets underground which are seldom tested during surveys. Sometimes a builder may disturb one and cause the gases to gradually escape. While the foundation work is supposed to keep them harmless a cracked basement floor manifestly cannot. Methane gas is violently explosive. Radon gas is the most potent cause of lung cancer after cigarettes.

Insect Infestation

Concrete floor cracks are perfect breeding places for ant and termites, from where they can fan out everywhere in your home. Tackling them upstairs is hardly the right place to start when they’re reproducing themselves constantly in the floor below. In extreme cases wide cracks can even harbor snakes. Thankfully, this is uncommon, especially here in Toronto.

Damp and Mold

There’s always moisture underground. That’s where rainwater naturally ends up, and after that can go almost anywhere. The force of gravity pressing down on the earth above makes ground water surprisingly intrusive. If you ignore non-structural floor cracks, don’t be surprised to find water bubbling up through them after heavy rain. If your home sits on a high water table, cracks can be an open invitation for a wet basement.

This problem is especially serious in basements underground. That’s because we seldom go down there to inspect. Damp conditions below the earth’s surface are perfect conditions for moss and mold to grow. Especially if the room’s kept tightly closed, and there’s no exchange of fresh air.

Fixing Foundation Floor Cracks

Like most things in life, there’s a right way and a wrong way to seal floor foundation cracks. The wrong way is to conceal the problem with surface filler. The better way is to pour in a polymer compound that forms a bond with both concrete sections. Best of all for wider cracks is to use an epoxy filler to recreate the original monolithic pour. However the stuff is expensive and you may need a concrete flooring specialist with experience and the right injection tools.

If you have any questions about foundation problems in your home and live in the Greater Toronto Area, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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