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Flight Factor A350 crack

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Название: Add-On FlightFactor Airbus A350-900XWB Advanced v.1.0 for X-Plane 10

Жанр: Simulation


Год выхода: 2014

Язык: English

Минимальные системные требования: Dual Core, 2.5 GHz or faster

A video card with at least 500 MB

Системные требования: 3+ GHz, multi-core CPU (or multiple processors),

high-performance, DirectX 11-capable video card with 2-4 GB

О игре: The modeled Flight factor aero A350 is actually an Airbus A350-900 Series and according to Flight Factor lead developer Roman aka Ramzzess, this first A350 package will cover the A350 XWB Advanced version. According to Flight Factor the Advanced version is «a new product line which we offer X-Plane users to give you the opportunity to experience the full range of capabilities of the real plane without the need to invest too much time into learning the systems.

What, when you decide to buy the Flight Factor A350, can you expect of main features? Let’s sum these for you:

— Fully custom aircraft systems.

— Fully custom ECAM monitoring system.

— Fully functional Airbus style alert system.

— Fully functional interactive Airbus electronic checklist system.

— Airbus A350/A380 unique «touch screen» interfaces.

— Fully custom and unique MFD (Multi Functional Display) system.

— Full OIS screen system with many aircraft options.

— Old style MCDU and fully functional AUX instruments as backup.

— Integrated QPAC FBW.

— Advanced flight planning interface based on X-Plane native data.

— Basic SID/STAR implementation using X-Plane FMS-files.

— «What you see is what you fly» flight path indication on the ND.

— Implementation of most of the Airbus AP modes.

— Full PFD and ND displays.

— Independent Auto Pilot systems.

— Scroll mouse wheel support for switch manipulation.

P.S. Если погаснут дисплеи, то попробуйте применить с заменой файлы что идут отдельно в папке”_a350v1.1.1crack (AMD cpu’s only, win mac)” . Они только для компьютеров с AMD процессором (может потребоваться).

У меня Intel (AMD проверить не могу) и после нескольких часов прогона на земле и в воздухе всё работает.

Extract the ZIP file to a temporary directory using the latest version of 7-Zip and move the A350 folder to the Heavy Metal folder inside XP10.

Install the latest version of X-FMC available here — http://www.x-fmc.com/

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[X10] — [X11] — Flight Factor, Airbus A350 XWB Advanced (Aircraft) 816.2 MB

[X10] — [X11] — Flight Factor & StepToSky, Boeing 767-300 ER (Aircraft) 795 MB

[Mods] Flight Factor Airbus A350 XWB Advanced [X-Plane, 10 or 11] [ENG] (1.46) 816.2 MB

[X-Plane 10] — [X-Plane 11] — Flight Factor, Airbus A350 XWB Advanced (Aircraft) 816.2 MB

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