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Crack On Screen Prank


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The description of Crack Screen Prank

— This will be a very entertaining tool : Broken Screen , Crack Screen or Crack Your Screen Prank

— Prank your friends with «Broken Screen»!

— Perfect way to fool your friends with this amazing prank app!

* Why this is the best prank app?

Because after screen is cracked, Broken Screen app is an amazing Screen Crack app and purely prank app which simulates a broken mobile phone screen, display glass or LCD with a transparent broken crack on top of the App and wallpaper, you can still use your phone with full functionality, broken display image will be on the top of all your applications until you exit.

— Amazing cracks screen effect for breaking your mobile phone screen and shocks your friends when they touch on the screen.

— Broken Screen-Crack application is only a prank app, you can have fun with your friends and family. In spare time you can prank with your friends and family with the broken screen prank, they may be laughing out loud and can believe the screen is cracked.

* You can change the crack method in Settings/Preferences

Now you can crack your screen by 2 different methods*:

— Crack on SHAKE: Just one shake and screen will crack!

— Crack on TOUCH: Just one touch on the screen and screen will crack immediately.

* fake broken phones

* smashed screen app

* crack my screen

* crack and break it

* messed up screen

* broken glass wallpaper

* busted screen app

* phone cracked screen prank

* shattered crack screen wallpaper for free

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This is the video for Crack My Screen — Prank Fun app for Android (by Softwego) available on Google Play store at .

Make fun of your family and friends with this perfect prank app!


Latest Version:

Publish Date:

The description of Cracked Screen Prank

For Prank Mode of app you can choose from these triggers:

Crack on Touch: after touch your screen will crack

Crack on Start: right after start of prank the crack of screen will be displayed on your phone

Crack on Shake: just shake your phone and screen will be cracked

• Simulates broken / cracked screen effect

• 20 high quality amazing screen cracks ( 10 full screen crack and 10 point cracks )

• 7 high quality broken glass sounds – selected or random sound will be played on crack

• Prank Mode – to fool your friends when you are with them

• Free Mode – to fool your friends on social media

• Combine full screen cracks and point cracks in Free Mode to create best crack as you want it

• Delay time – set number of seconds when you can use your phone normally

• Choose trigger – there are 3 triggers: on Touch, on Start and on Shake

• Don’t touch button – big red button widget for your home screen

• Change text on big red button from Don’t touch to what you want

• Set text after prank is done – this text can be set from settings

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