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Crack Lcd Screen

Your LCD TV probably represents a significant investment in your home entertainment, which is why a cracked screen can be such a tragedy. Whether the result of roughhousing or a wayward gaming remote, cracked LCD screens are irreparable, so you should get rid of it as soon as you can. While the cracked screen might not be a severe danger, emitted vapors could cause a potential problem. Use care and dispose of the cracked screen to make room for its replacement.

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Even a small crack in your LCD screen could pose a larger problem. Since you can’t technically repair the crack, there’s a chance that it will spread across your screen, leaking what looks like ink — liquid crystals — across the screen. Even a small crack in the screen can become a big problem as the crack continues to spread, which is why you should always take care in handling and playing around your LCD screen. What seems like a minor flaw could seriously affect your ability to view images on the screen.

Mercury Vapors

Your LCD screen uses mercury to generate visible light as part of the viewing process. Because of that, there’s a chance that mercury vapors could escape when the screen becomes cracked. While the mercury levels are generally low, there is a risk of side effects such as allergic reactions, skin rashes and even birth defects. If your LCD screen is cracked, it’s best to dispose of it quickly: some manufacturers have facilities where you can drop off cracked screens, so check with your TV manufacturer.

While your LCD screen utilizes liquid crystals to create a picture, it’s rare for the crystals to actually leak out of the screen. That’s because while liquid crystals sound fluid, they aren’t as liquid as the ink they resemble when damaged. Still, leakage could be a danger in very rare cases because the effects of skin in contact with liquid crystals has not been well studied and the side effects are largely unknown. If material begins to leak out of the crack, contact your set’s manufacturer for instructions.

Proper Disposal

It’s important that you dispose of your cracked LCD TV as carefully as possible. Discard an LCD screen much in the way you would a fluorescent light bulb. Limit the amount of contact you have with the actual material or vapors by wearing a mask and rubber gloves during the process. Place the screen in an airtight garbage bag and contact your TV’s manufacturer to ask about proper disposal. A recycling facility or buy-back program is best to avoid adding mercury to landfills.

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Introduction: Cracked LCD Screen Prank

This is a simple, though effective joke for any user of a tower PC. This will work ONLY ON TOWER PCs, NOT LAPTOPS! I found this prank somewhere in my travels, and feel it my duty to pass it to to the other devious and nefarious users of the world.

1) Computer (Desktops Only!)

Access to the rear of the computer tower

A modest understanding of your OS (To set the screen saver)

Step 1: Find Victim

Got some close buddies? Arch nemesis? Unsuspecting family members? Good! Pick your target, and wait for them to leave home, as you will need about 5 minutes to do this properly.

Step 2: Find Image

Go to your preferred search engine, and type in something like «Cracked LCD Screen» in image search. Find an image that fits the resolution of the monitor, and download it. Put it in it’s on folder, free of ANY other files. Yes, that’s right, a folder with just one image in it! Shocking, I know.

Step 3: Set Image As Screen Saver

Depending on the OS, different systems will have various steps for setting a screen saver- For Vista, which I use, right click, then go to-

Click on the drop down bar, select «Pictures, select «Use Pictures and Videos From. «,

Browse the folder with the LCD Screen image in it,

Step 4: Unplug Mouse and Keyboard

Go behind your target’s computer, and follow the wires from the mouse, keyboard, and any other peripheral besides the monitor back to their connection points. Unplug all of them , but leave them close enough to the tower that they appear to be connected.

Step 5: Sit, Wait, and Try and Keep a Straight Face.

All the preparations are now done, and you have no challenge left but to keep a straight face as you enjoy the torment of your victim as he/she struggles to discover the cause of this tragic incident. If you want, feel free to augment the joke with a believable story about how you «Accidentally» «Broke» their Screen.

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2 Jul 2011 3:47PM

I’ve somehow managed to crack the LCD screen on my Canon 40D. Its obviously taken a large wallop sometime but I cannot remember when this could have happened.

The camera functions perfectly and I can see all the on screen menus and pictures. However there is an impact point in the top left hand corner and several carcks across the screen. There is a thick plastic screen protector over the surface, whether this is holding it in place or whether it is OK anyway I’m not quite sure. I almost never use live view.

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