Crack Ets 2 1.22

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Crack Ets 2 1.22

Hem 64 bit hemde 32 bit desteklemektedir.

Scandinavia DLC ve Going East DLC desteklemektedir. (Çekinmeden 2 DLC’yide kullanabilirsiniz.)

Crack in çalıştığı sürüm: 1.22.2

Dorse kaybolma sorunu kesinlikle yoktur.

ETS 2 1.22.2 dosyasını masaüstüne çıkartın. ETS 2 1.22.2 CRACK klasörü içindekileri Bilgisayar/Yerel Disk: C/Program Files /Euro Truck Simulastor 2 veya Program files x86/Euro Truck Simulastor 2 klasörünün içine atınız. Gelen sorulara evet diyin.

NOT: Daha önceki sürümde dorse kaybolma sorunu olanlar Belgeler klasöründe bulunan Euro Truck Simulastor 2 dosyasını tamamen silsinler ve sıfır save ile oyuna başlasınlar. (İsteğe bağlıdır.).

Рабочий Кряк для игры Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Можно ставить на любую версию игры.


1. Скачиваем сам Кряк;

2. Распаковываем скачанное в папку с игрой;

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odd_fellow’s Engine Sound Pack for Kenworth T800 v 2.0

This pack includes CAT C15 and Cummins ISX engine sounds, also two new 3406 engines with its own sound. For use with T800 v2.1 final ONLY.

1.0 – Initial Release

2.0 – Total script rework, added two new engine sound categories (nofuel and exhaust), few new sounds, almost every other sound file was redone and mastered with pro software (no clips, no crackles, loops are perfectly looped).

Install with higher priority than the truck. Enjoy.

Tested on version 1.22. Jakebrake problem is now fixed.

Special thanks to Kriechbaum for his awesome sounds and inspiration!

Please respect my download link, don’t reupload it anywhere.


Scania V8 sound version 8.5 & L6 for 164L By Punisher

Here’s an adaptation of both my two new sounds for the very nice 164L By Punisher :

The V8 with and without crackle, and the new L6 stock sound (engines from 340 to 470hps).

All those mods are for 1.22 patch only.

This mod also fixes the water temp gauge (85° instead of 115 before), and makes the gear ratio more shorter, now it is at 1400rpm on 12th gear at 90km/h.

All is in the archive. Enjoy.


Scania V8 sound version 8.5

Here it is, an improved Scania V8 sound mod.

Lot of files are new compared to the 8.1 version. Sound is now more deeper and clear.

It works for the Scania R, Streamline, T, and the modified by RJL.

There are two links, one is with the sound with the “crackle” and the second link is the same sound but a little bit more discrete, without a hard “crackle”.

In the first part of this video i’m using the sound with the crackle, you can see the “none crackle” version if you go directly to 16:06 minutes.

To have the best sound experience with it, as you can see here, and as in real life, use LOW rev’s… It’s useless to shift at 2000rpm on those engines ! From 900 to 1700 this is perfect.

With crackle for 1.22 :

Without crackle 1.22 :

For the Streamline by Punisher and the Bogdan’s V8 there are two others links in the video’s description.

Thanks to my friends Matt_Streamline and Ari to have tested it and helped me to improve the sound.

Take this as a little present for Christmas 🙂

-Don’t ask for the truck or the trailer in the video, i will not share them.

DOWNLOAD 6 MB [with cracle]

DOWNLOAD 6 MB [wihout cracle]

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