Crack Do Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.2.5

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Crack Do Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.2.5.rar
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Crack Do Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.2.5

Таблетка для Euro Truck Simulator 2, с которой без лишних проблем можно запускать игру, не обладая лицензионным ключом. Это особо актуально для пиратских версий. После установки таблетки вам больше не нужно вводить ключ продукта.

Платформа: ПК

Создан под: Euro Truck Simulator 2

Создатель: SKIDROW

Версия таблетки: 1.7.0 (дата 09.11.2013)

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Enjoy trucking! 🙂

Instructions: Download it, extract the game folder from the .rar archive and then start the game. Very simple.

Instructions for the crack: Replace the demo files from your game installation folder (bin/win_x86 or win_x64, win_x86 if you have a 32-bit system and win_x64 for 64-bit systems) with ALL the cracked files that you have downloaded. The crack is NOT a key. Please do not ask for keys because they won’t work, the game is well protected against fake product keys since update 1.3.

Links to the download and update pages on the ETS2 website (you can use the updater and then the latest crack to make the demo full):

You can either download the demo with all 3 map expansions and then use the crack on it to make it full, or use the updater and crack the game again after you update.

***COMPLETE VERSION: Here you can download the full game with all 54 DLCs (version, including the DAF Tuning Pack DLC, already cracked), where you just start the game and that’s it:

Note: Multiplayer will NOT work on the cracked version. In order to play online, you must buy the game on Steam.

Update from to (Contains the DAF Tuning Pack DLC!):

***DLCs: DAF Tuning Pack DLC (for version

The crack, updates and DLCs are provided by machine4578 and Christsnatcher on this forum thread:

Big thanks to them!

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