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Crack 30 Day Trial

Use Trial Software Forever

Hey, Guys! Today I am going to tell you about How to Hack Trail software easily for the lifetime. Many of the times you might be using any applications on your PC. Some of Those are trial software. It means you can use this software for 30 days trial period. I will explain you all possible ways about how to remove trial period from software . After that, you have to pay the application for the license of the software. Then it depends on how much the application costs for the license key or how to buy the application? Today I am going to tell you about the application in which I will tell you how can you hack that software. Previously, We was shared a Guide on Top Apps for rooted android users . In Below Steps, I will be telling you 5 methods which you can try. Then you can easily patch this application.

Hack Trail Software for Lifetime

Now, whenever you install any applications on your computer. Then there is a registry file available in the application which is saved in your registry files. That this application has been installed at so and so date and the time. Now when the date of the application will be complete for example software is 30 days trial. Then you will get a pop-up about the application. It is now not working and you have to buy the license key of the software. Also have a look at Things to Do After rooting your device . I will also explain you about how to remove trial version software from registry in easy way.

Most of the times what happens is you think that after uninstalling the software in your PC. You will be able to remove the files and applications. But there are registry files which are left on your device. Those registry files are of KB and they are hidden and you really can’t find those files in your computer. Also checkout imo for pc

If you don’t want to buy the software then you can simply follow those below 5 methods. Then you will be able to do those settings. There are some applications that will clear the application registry files. Clearing the registry files is good. If you don’t want to clear those registry files then you can simply edit the registry files by a simple software easily. Get Complete info on how to remove trial period from software, now from below with 5 easy methods.

#1 – Hack Software By Using RunAsDate Application.

Now, the software is called as RunAsDate. Runasdate is the software which will help you out to run the trail software for the next given time. The software is easy and simple. Run as date is having the best interface and really simple a lot. You can also make any software as trail version for some more days easily with the help of this application. You have to time stopper software free download from below, and use in your PC. This application is running in almost all windows 7, windows 8 and windows 8.1 and windows 10. This application is also running absolutely fine in Windows XP and vista. You can also call it time stopper software, checkout more about this now from below.

Requirements for Use RunasDate

  • RunAsDate software: Download
  • Application which you want to Hack
  • Remember the date in which you have to Hack the software

How To Hack The Trail Software for Lifetime using RunAsDate

  • Firstly install the software on your computer in the same way you install any application in computer
  • Now, open the application and click on the Browse

  • Now, you need to browse for the application which you want to Hack
  • Most of the times you save the files in your C:/ drive/program files
  • Now, you will see the .exe file of the application you want to Hack

  • After that click on the date and select the date at which you have installed the software on your device.
  • Now, simply click on Create a shortcut and name the shortcut and you are done.
  • This was the simple method to Hack any trial software easily with the help of this software.

#2 – Hack Software By Using Time Stopper Application.

Time stopper is the application which helps you to use the trial software forever. This application stops the time of the software so that it will show the same date and time every time so that software will think time is stopped. You can use the trial software forever with the help of this application. It is really a good application which you can give a try. If the application trial period is already stopped, then you cannot run this application on your Android device. For know more about how to use trial software again, simply follow the easy steps now from below.

  • Install the Time Stopper application from here – Download
  • Now, open the application and install it they way you did for RunAsDate

  • Now, open the applications and browse the .exe files of the software
  • Set the date of tomorrow if the date is today 29 so select date 30.

  • Now, create a shortcut and named it by your name and you can open the application from the given name shortcut only.
  • Now, you have stopped the time of the application and you can enjoy the application forever. This application won’t expire.

#3 – Hack the software Using Absolute Uninstaller

Absolute uninstaller is the application which will uninstall the application from your computer. This will clear all the files available on your PC and then you will be able to install the apps easily. Because the registry is clear from the application. Let’s check out the example which you can try. For how to use trial version software forever without expiration, you can use uninstaller method which is mentioned below.

Suppose you have installed IDM in your computer and now your application is asking for the key. Just because it has been expired. In this situation, you can try uninstalling the application. It will clear all the registry files which say this application was installed in so and so time and date. Then you can easily install the application on your computer.

You can download the absolute Uninstaller from here – Download

This is an easy process which you can try on your computer.

#4 – Uninstall The Windows Operating system and Install Again

If none of this software given above didn’t work. Then you can try simply uninstalling the windows and installing again. Most of the times users don’t have money or they don’t have the debit or the credit card. They can simply try this trick to get the another 30 days trial of the software. For know more about how to make trial software last forever, read full steps now from below. If any of the above methods didn’t work on your computer but this will work absolutely fine. You will lose all your data by following this trick. If you don’t know how to format your computer then you can simply follow this below video method.

#5 – Hack the Software using any Patcher of the Application

Many of times you use any software, there are patches available which actually patches the application. If you will Google once about the application you will get the patch of the application easily. Most of times you will get this patches on torrents. If you don’t find any application then you can simply follow the above tricks on your PC. This is very easy and you can do those settings. There are read me files available while following this patching of the application.

This was the article about How to Hack Trail software easily for the lifetime. If you face any difficulty while following any of this method feel free to comment below. Thank you for visiting and keep visiting viraltecho for more tips and tricks. As always peace out.

Use IDM after 30 days trial: IDM (Internet Download Manager 2017) is the Best Download manager available for windows platform to download Music, Videos, Images, Movies, Softwares, Zip files, almost all downloadable content from the internet. Keeping apart the fact that it’s Trial Version Supports ends in 30 days, IDM is the most stable Download manager tool/software to efficiently use all the available download speed. Unlike other download managers, IDM has the capability to pause, resume and schedule downloads. It also has the comprehensive error recovery feature and resume capability to restart the broken, interrupted downloads without any hassle. IDM has a very simple interface, User friendly and Easy to Use. One of the must have tools installed on your PC this year 2017.

Use IDM after 30 days Trial

Contents of this post

IDM Compatibilty?

IDM is compatible with all major web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer. It’s also compatible with all the Windows Operating Systems starting from XP, Vista to Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and on Windows 10.

How Much IDM Really Costs?

IDM is not a free. Full-featured Version Internet download manager costs around 30$ which is a lot more for people like us. A 30 day trial version is also available to download from IDM official website.

How to Reset IDM after the trial? No matter how powerful a software is, There will always be a way to crack things up. For IDM after a lot of trials, tests I came to know this trick which worked fine. I thought to share on my blog because I’m sure there are a lot of people out there hopefully millions searching for a solution to use IDM after the expiry of the trial period. Using this trick we can use the 30 day IDM trial version Software for free without the need of registration. A little bonus we can use it for a lifetime and works for all version of IDM. Isn’t it cool. So lets do IDM trial Reset

First Things First:

If you don’t have IDM setup With you, Download IDM 2017 Latest Version 30 day trial. By the time i’m writing (updating in 2017) this post IDM Version 6.28 Build 9 is available for download. Download the latest IDM Version

If you already have installed IDM on Your Windows 7/8/10 Laptop or PC, Please Uninstall it. Go to the App data folder and delete any folders that you see related to IDM (or with the name of Internet Download Manager). Once it’s done, then Restart Your Computer. (In this tutorial, we have to restart our system a total of 3 times, don’t Skip the Restart part, It’s Very Important. If you don’t restart when needed you can’t get full version).

Tutorial To Use IDM after 30 day trial / IDM Trial Reset:

Press “Windows Key”+”R”.(this will open ‘RUN’).

Type “regedit” without using quotes and press Enter.

Now to Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Download Manager.

Now Delete the Complete “Download Manager” folder.

Now Open “Notepad” on Your Computer as Administrator.

In Notepad’s Menu. Click on File > Open. or Simply Press Ctrl+O

A new Window will be opened for you to Browse.

Goto My Computer > Local Disk C > Windows > System32 > Drivers > etc.

change the option to “All Files” and you’ll see a file named “hosts”. (only “Hosts” , Not Hosts.ics)

Use IDM after 30 day trail for free open hosts file

» data-medium-file=»″ data-large-file=»″ class=»aligncenter size-full wp-image-1176″ src=»″ alt=»Use IDM after 30 day trail for free open hosts file» width=»450″ height=»317″ srcset=» 450w, 300w» sizes=»(max-width: 450px) 100vw, 450px» data-recalc-dims=»1″ />

Step 5: Open “Hosts” file in Notepad. Simply Scroll down to the end of the document, Copy the Text mentioned below and Simply Paste it in the hosts document.

Trick To use IDM even after 3

» data-medium-file=»″ data-large-file=»″ class=»aligncenter size-full wp-image-1175″ src=»″ alt=»Use IDM after 30 day trail for free edit hosts file» width=»400″ height=»383″ srcset=» 400w, 300w» sizes=»(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px» data-recalc-dims=»1″ />

Step 6 : Save the File and restart your computer.

Step 7 : Now Install IDM and when prompted, enter the below details:

First Name – thwatikz

Last Name – youtube

Serial Number – OP3BQ-I5EAR-UN52H-VR7QX

I’ve Received some replies saying this serial number is not working. One Probable reason is it’s been used by thousands of people, So here i’m posting some more latest keys Updated as of 2017, please pick one from them.

My suggestion : Pick one key from the middle from the below list

Step 8: Now again restart your computer and You Got the full version of IDM for Life Time Use for FREE.

  • Note: If You don’t restart your computer, it will show you trial version only.
  • Note: Even After restart during it’s first start (only the first time) IDM may say trial version, but full version will be automatically activated in a couple of seconds.

So hoping you’ve successfully completed the IDM Trial Reset , I hope you found this article. Make the best use of IDM & Do share this article (“How to Use IDM after 30 days Trial“) with your friends

There are lot of software available online which comes with 30 days trial period after which you will be charged. These software stops working after the completion of trial period. So it becomes must to purchase it in order to use its service.

If you are here looking for a way to crack any software which is nearing its expiry; then here is an article which will help you do this task with ease.

This simple trick will ensure that you use the trial version of your favorite software forever. This is not cracking as we are not going to get the full version instead we are going to use the trial version forever.

How does these Demo Versions Work?

Demo version software mostly comes with one month trial period and will expire after that. As soon as we install these software in our system; they make an entry of details like Installation Date, Time etc. in our systems registry. So now whenever we run this installed software they compare the current date and time with the date and time in the registry. So thus after one month they block the user from accessing the particular software.

Many try to change the date and time manually which is not the right approach. Instead we have a tool which is free and can do this task with ease and thus can help us use the demo version software’s forever. RunAsDate v1.11 can be called as the perfect tool to crack any software with ease.

RunAsDate is called a light app as its not an heavy application and weighs just few kbs. This tool runs on the date and time mentioned by us and won’t make any change to the system time. It injects the specified date and time to the target software thus stopping it from expiry.

Steps to Follow:

– Have this awesome tool installed and ready all time

– After the installation of the software note down the system Date and Time which is needed in the next step

– Run the RunAsDate app and inject the expiry date and time of the software. I would advice you to put in a date which is prior to the actual expiry date

– Run the target software through this tool as this tool injects the date and time specified by us. Thus helping us in using the trial version of any software for free forever.

Note: Last step has to be followed all the time else this cracking trick will be of no use.

Now crack any software without purchasing it or one can use any trial version software for longer duration before actually purchasing it. This trick to crack any software will work on most of the software so try it and put in your experience.

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