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Bikini In crack

Mute Who. R. Kelly Shades #MuteRKelly Movement By Shouting Out Celebrity Supporters… (VIDEO)

Former #RHOA BFF’s Porsha Williams & Phaedra Parks Reunite During Mutual Friend’s Birthday Bash… (PHOTOS)

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Kenya Moore of the Real Housewives of Atlanta recently took a family trip to Barbados and while there, contacted the paparazzi to show off her 40+ bikini body.

As you know Kenya is single and on the prowl for her future victim husband. Advertising is everything, so the former Miss Just Say No To Crack Miss USA pageant winner wants only the best photos out to show off her plastic surgery hard work to potential suitors.

The former Miss Bikini Butt Crack 2012 Miss USA even brought along her own photographer so that she could make sure there were photos taken of her liking.

More photos of Kenya’s butt crack bikini body below…

[Sidebar: cue 2chainz “crack” for the musical background to this post… 😆 ]

Is that a diaper?? I’m confused… 😕

You better werrrrrk Miss How Do I Get Married Yesterday Miss USA 1993!

Kenya makes 40 something look interesting spectacular and she’s definitely showing you ladies how to rock your ‘butt crack’ fashionably.

Taylor Swift is showing off her killer bikini body, and it’s all for her sweetie Calvin Harris. The singer has never been one to flaunt sexy swimwear, but for her boyfriend she’s turned into a whole new woman who is even exposing her butt crack!

Ooh la la! Who knew that Taylor Swift, 26, had one of the best bikini bodies around, especially with her enviable and perky backside! She’s letting it all hang out — even her butt crack — for her boyfriend Calvin Harris, 32, during their first official long romantic vacation, and her man is showing off to his fans what a sexy figure his honey has!

Ahhh the tropics! It makes for the perfect sexy getaway for any couple, as most of the time will be spent in as little clothing as possible. In Taylor’s case, it meant a super tiny black and yellow bikini that she happily showed off to Calvin, which he in turn shared with the entire world via his Instagram March 15. The Scottish DJ didn’t need to caption the photo as Taylor‘s sexy pose says it all – she looks amazing and is happy to show off her killer body for her boyfriend!

She’s seen staring back at Calvin with one leg slightly bent, giving her backside a little extra curve. But her bikini’s bottom is so tiny that her butt crack is clearly exposed. Day-um Taylor! We didn’t know you had this sexy side in you, but apparently true love is bringing out the hotness in the singer! Pick up Calvin’s amazing single “How Deep Is Your Love” by clicking right here.

Until now, Taylor has never been a big bikini girl, always making sure that paparazzi never got photos of her showing a lot of skin. In the photos that she’d post to her social media in swimwear, it was always conservative super high bottoms and nothing even remotely risqué. Obviously Calvin has brought out a whole new side of Taylor, as this is the hottest we’ve ever seen her!

Taylor and Calvin are finally taking their first long vacation in over a year of being a couple. They’ve been showing off sexy kissing photos and plenty of beach PDA. Not only that, Taylor got some fun times in playing on an ocean trampoline, even if she did eat it on the exit by belly flopping into the water in front of her boyfriend!

Taylor Swift was spotted vacationing in her Victoria’s Secret Swim. Like her style? Shop the Victoria’s Secret Swim Collection for the Strappy Cross Back Triangle or theCrochet Trim Teeny Triangle.

HollywoodLifers, is this the sexiest you’ve ever seen Taylor in her little bikini?

English glamour model Maria Fowler gets caught slipping out of pink bikini into a sexy leopard print bikini and she’s doing it right out in the open. Is that what celebs do these days? Oh well, to help you recover from her crackness, we’ve posted a picture of her wearing the leopard print bikini below. Enjoy!

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Step On A Crack

Step on a crack and break your mother’s back! So you better steer clear from the crack that this girl is giving from her bikini bottom falling down. She’s trying to get her surf board to lay properly in the water and either is or isn’t aware of her rear end exposing itself. It looks as if her bottoms are stretched out of shape. Hey let’s all pitch in and get this girl a bikini that fits. Nah, let’s just keep laughing. That’s more fun.

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